The 7 Energy Centres Study Program: The Hidden Power Within You

Do you experience a lack of energy, leaving you feeling like everything is getting on top of you? Do you feel you are lost and not sure where you are heading in life? Do you want to activate the spark inside so you feel inspired again?

In this 8 week colour and meditation program you will learn how to make 10 minutes of your day the most powerful. You will become open to the positive possibilities in your career, love and in your personal time.  You will clear any old, heavy, energy you carry using the vibration of liquid crystals, plants and herbs. You will learn how to harness your emotions and feel energetic about life again.

The program equips you with ritual, Meditation, and breath work so you feel empowered to improve your emotional state. In just a few short weeks of beginning the program you have a clear and concise mindset that creates more energy and presence in your life.


You learn about the energy body (chakra system) and how to cleanse your energetic boundary so that you protect yourself from outside negativity, and so that you stay grounded and clear on what you want and how to get it.

You develop an understanding of emotions and how to move through them with ease and grace.

You harness the power of intention and self-acceptance to make positive and impactful changes in your own life, which ripples out to everyone around you.

In 8 short weeks you will change your focus to see the opportunities, the love, the stillness, and the space you have available.

All you need to do is rewire your brain in this way.

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Suzie completed the study program in May 2019 and This is her story …

Following 12 months recovering from intensive treatment for early breast cancer, going through one of the darkest times in Suzie’s life, she was looking for something to help bring the colour back into her life and start a new chapter.

She looked forward to joining the program without really knowing exactly what it would bring.  She was able to kickstart a daily practice to re-connect to herself, and reignite her creativity again.

“It’s got to be easy” she said

She had participated in different meditation groups and learnt different techniques prior to this program, but what she found she loved was that this daily practice provided the ease, simplicity and flexibility she needed.

“The program has been life changing, where nothing has changed, yet (inside), everything has changed!” – Suzie

Suzie could drop into a good space quite quickly and sustain the 10 minute ritual in her day and loves the continued monthly support she will receive now after completing the course.

She said “Using the Aura-Soma® Pomanders in the program reaffirmed how important colour is in my life, and it reignited my creative side. I love to paint and sew.”

Suzie was really surprised at how well the online side of the program worked. She felt the connection with the other women was very transferable online and loved how she could still be in her own space, it felt very comfortable.

“Erin has an amazing voice which gently guides you through each mediation and discussion. She has developed an amazing program which will continue to help and inspire women all over the world.” – Suzie


There have been huge amounts of research proving that you can increase learning and memory processes, emotion regulation, self-referential processing, and perspective after 8 weeks of daily practice, which is why I created the The 7 Energy Centres: The Hidden Power Within You to be an 8 week study program.

This is a study program that has longevity in mind, it’s not some quick fix that you’ll forget about next month. Over the course of the program you learn Meditation and mindfulness techniques for the twenty first century, busy woman. For the woman who does engage in social media, the woman who dates and relates, the woman who loves quality time with her friends and loved ones.

This program runs over 8 weeks, allowing you to establish a daily practice that you will actually enjoy and want to do every day. You will acquire knowledge to empower your actions and develop a solid trust in yourself that you access for the rest of your life.

This study program educates you in the meaning of colour and uses the aroma and energy of crystals and herbs to anchor you into deep states of Meditation and opens your eyes to the aliveness around you.

Learn about the chakra system in a new and exciting way for the caring, kick arse woman that is navigating this new era.

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Turn distraction into focus and remove the things that drain your energy

Heal the past so you let go of guilt and allow more pleasure into your life

Breathe out anxiety and know that you are worth your weight in gold

Create space in those times you are hurt and express your truth

Speak with confidence and clarity without words getting stuck

Tame your busy mind to feel clear headed and calm

Find devotion through ritual and connect to your higher purpose and live with fulfillment

Purify your aura and cleanse the energy that may cling to you

You begin to feel the positive and empowering effects in just one or two weeks into the program. Not only will you be a happier, more vibrant woman, but your loved ones will also appreciate the refreshed, clear headed you.

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  • Monthly live group calls that include topic discussion, technique and Q&A
  • Private Facebook support group
  • x8 Aura-Soma® Pomander vials
    (energies of crystals, gems, plants and herbs for your daily ritual)
  • Study program booklet that includes techniques, Meditations, affirmations, journal/contemplation questions and Yoga poses.


In the comfort of your own home.

Access each module in your own time. All you need is a good wifi connection and a quiet space. This also encourages you to set up your own Meditation space in your home that you can use every day.

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After completing the program you will have more peaceful and empowering conversations, you will make decisions with more confidence and you will relate with yourself, your people and your environment with care and love.

During the program I invite you to join the private Facebook group for continued support, to keep in touch with the women who have also completed the program, creating connections with like minded women and, most importantly, to stay on track with your daily practice. The group is a place to connect, share, Meditate and have time for Q&A once a month.

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I know you probably have questions and I really love to connect with anyone that is considering applying for this program, so I encourage you to contact me below and I will get back to you very soon.

I’d like to name a few frequent questions that can come up ….

How many times have you said “I know this will be good for me but I don’t have time“
I’m here to show you Meditation doesn’t have to be boring, or time consuming. My technique and ritual just takes 4 minutes and up to 15 minutes. I offer 4 layers to your daily practice so that you can be adaptable to the ups and downs in life and choose whether you do one or all of them. Empowering you with choice and self responsibility.

Do you deny the things that can improve your wellbeing because you “can’t afford it”?
I know this one very well. I’ve lived much of my life with this attitude and quite frankly I just needed to prioritise what’s important to me. I am abundant and always have money flowing in to my life.

I also understand that you may need assistance with paying things off, so I offer payment plans.

Will you continue letting yourself be second, or even worse – last?
It’s time to stop avoiding your needs and emotions, no more excuses. We’ve all got lives, we’ve all lived through pain, we can all say we are busy. This study program gives you access to many like minded women so you don’t have to do this alone. Feel the support of women around you and know that you are worth it.



PAYMENT PLAN $299 x 4. Total $1,196

YOU & A FRIEND BOOK IN: SAVE $100 each. Total $897 each

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