I’m currently at a bit of a cross roads with my career and feeling that I’m not really doing what I’m meant to be doing with my life.  I guess I have been looking for more. Something that has more purpose and to find reassurance that all the changes I have been making are taking me in the right direction.
Erin was fantastic.  She gently guided me through the consultation process and I came away feeling like I AM heading in the right direction.  I feel like I have trust in my own decision again. Seeing the equilibrium bottles up close with the sun shining through them is quite amazing.
I’ve been using my Equilibrium bottle everyday since the consultation, and have been feeling really positive.  I have not been second guessing myself about my choices as much and am getting clearer on my business goals and the direction I’m heading in.
If you’re at all drawn to the little bottles and their beautiful colours I highly recommend you have  a consultation!
August 2015

Zoe, Massage Therapist + Wellness Coach