“I was searching for a style of therapy that my whole team of 5 could do together and when I learnt about colour therapy. I thought it would be a beautiful gift for each individual and at the same time to show them team a different way to care for themselves. My oldest team member was sceptical at first, but in the end I felt she enjoyed it the most. Although we were together the team went on different journeys with each colour session. It was an interesting and peaceful experience that the whole team developed personally from.
Also, before we commenced our session one of my team members had a traumatic experience and through colour therapy Erin helped my team member to deal with her pain. So this team member was excited to start the team training together as she new how much it helped her.
I recommend Erin as a colour therapist to guide you or your group through the journey.”

– January 2019

Katrina Beohm, Director of Katrina Beohm Real Estate, Byron Bay