I learned to meditate a few years ago when my youngest son passed away in his sleep. I needed something to help me and meditation did that. My introduction to aura soma was in 2015. Erin is my Yoga teacher and she was hosting an evening to tell people more about Aura-Soma, so I went. I’ve been having private sessions with Erin ever since and she enables me to really open up and let go of the emotions inside of me and to understand why I feel like I do.

I see colours when I meditate so combining Yoga and Aura-Soma is perfect for me. I’ve had 6 private sessions to date and find them beneficial to my well being. I find it interesting and fascinating what I discover about myself along the way. My moods dictate the colours I choose on the day.

Colour Yoga sessions are an extremely positive experience and I would recommend that you give it a try. Erin’s compassion and gentle nature puts you at ease so you can relax and really just be in the moment.

May 2016

Julie of Caulfield