I was first introduced to Aura-Soma as a young child. My parents were going through a horrible divorce at the time and my Mother was quite unwell from all of the stress. One day after visiting our local Well-being centre my Mother returned with a beautiful Aura-Soma bottle. I was instantly intrigued. I would watch as she’d go through the process. I was also suffering from the pain of my parents’ divorce and thought it would be wise to secretly use my Mothers bottle. The beautiful aesthetic of the bottle along with the aroma gave me an immediate sense of healing. I now know that you should never use another’s Equilibrium bottle but I truly believe Aura-Soma was a great support for both mine and my Mothers healing.

Ever since my first Aura-Soma experience I’ve been itching to attend my own consultation. 12 years later I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Aura-Soma Transform You session. This included a detailed four bottle colour consultation delving deeper into the layers of my life.

It was such a grounding and insightful experience. The accuracy between my coloured selections and inner feelings were undoubtedly aligned. Aura-Soma has given me the strength to finish healing my inner child. I highly recommend Aura-Soma consultations to everyone.

Aura-Soma in 3 words – Insightful, Grounding, Healing

February 2016

Caitlin, Richmond