I was intrigued to attend my session for an Aura Soma reading after attending an introduction night with Erin and her bottles.
Post the introduction night I was drawn into reading information about Aura Soma, its founder and birthing process.  I even managed to ‘choose’ a couple of bottles that I was interested in.
Later as the time for my session arrived and unfolded, I choose four bottles.  The choices were exactly the same as my four earlier choices after the information night…  Coincidence, I think not, the bottles and the universe were definitely spelling something out for me.  The session was guided by both myself, Erin and the bottles and the experience that I came away with was profound, insightful and inspiring.
I highly recommend seeing Erin and her bottles to see what is just below the surface waiting to be expressed.
Oh and as a side note, I have had the pleasure of Erin being my yoga teacher for a corporate wellness course, she was amazing, informative and catered to everyone’s level of fitness in a gentle and understanding way.
October 2015

Alison of Frankston