Yoga and Meditation


Mondays 12.30-1.30pm Yin Yoga with aura cleanse and sound bowls
12.30-1.30pm Yin Yoga with aura cleanse and sound bowls

TEACHING @BendeByron

Fridays 4.00-5.00pm Yoga
Saturdays 8.00-9.00am Yoga


Are you ready to write your very own instructions for the way you live your life?

A Life that is more rewarding, loving and peaceful?

Do you want to get more sleep, eat better, play more, love, be loved?

I have developed a course just for you! You will trust yourself and truely understand what it’s like to find all the answers within.

Over the period of the course you gain knowledge of the Chakras from the yogic tradition, and learn how colour can influence your wellbeing from the mineral and plant kingdom.

Learn Meditation and techniques to help you feel more focused and on purpose.

Click Here for upcoming dates


Are you looking to start Yoga, return to it after some time, or develop a consistent and progressive practice?

You may have a focus on reducing stress, anxiety, depression or you may want to feel stronger and more flexible again. Each private session with me is adapted to your unique needs, your body, your lifestyle and your beliefs; so I may call on different tools, like Meditation, sound and breath technique.

All you need to do is start and you will be closer to a positive and relaxed body and mind. Yoga can teach you to relax and find pleasure in all areas of your life. I share with you lived experience tools to Love your body and teach your mind a new way of thinking. I have over 2000 hours of teaching experience, and have supported a variety of bodies from beginners, pre-natal and those managing illness and injury.

I’m available to come to you or in my local studio. There’s an opportunity to feel a sense of peace, grounding and new energy in each private session with me.

You can select a one-to-one session or invite friends/ colleagues for a private group session.

Organise a Private Yoga/ Meditation session, Team Experience, or even a ‘Weekend Away’ session. Please contact me below to find out more

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