Soul Therapy

You may be at a point in your life where you are searching for answers or feeling unsure about where you are heading in life. These sessions offer you an opportunity to look deep inside and find what you are looking for.

Explore the relationship with your Self, your unique gifts and what you are here to do using the Aura-Soma® colour care system. A powerful and healing tool that brings about consciousness growth, balance, ease and awareness to all levels of your body, mind and spirit.

This is a real opportunity to heal the wounds of the past, clean ancestral karma and move forward with a new energy.

You may like a Soul Therapy session to…

  • Bring clarity and balance to many areas of your life.
  • Believe in your passion or/& gifts.
  • Protect your energy levels.
  • Support yourself in times of suffering or grief.
  • Feel confident in your own skin.
  • Open up to positive opportunities.
  • And many more benefits which you can experience for yourself!


Aura-Soma® is like your best friend: supportive and non-intrusive. It combines the energies of colour, plants, and crystals. These vibrational tools can support all levels of your being, bringing harmony and balance within the body. The combination of essential oils, crystals, gems, herbs and plants in the bottles are used on your skin, absorbed into the lymphatic system, blood stream, organs and your personality; having a positive effect on your cells, healing past trauma that may be stored in your tissues.

The Aura-Soma® system is also used by many around the world, including Isabel LucasGabby BernsteinAlanis Morissette and Kyle Gray!

To book a Soul Therapy session or for more information, please complete the below

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