Meditation Circles: Soul + Colour Therapy

These Meditation Circles are for you to develop your skills in listening to your wisdom and being confident in the answers you hear inside of yourself. What is it that I’m meant to be doing? Why aren’t I attracting what I really want? Where’s my inspiration right now? What do I really need?

In this session you’ll enjoy a cup of tea, be lead through a healing and cleansing ritual, a Peace Meditation, receive colourful insights and connect with others in your community. Enjoy the experience of using Aura-Soma’s high vibrational tools to purify your electromagnetic field (aura) and enrich your mental and emotional bodies.

Aura-Soma® holds the medicine of the three kingdoms: Mineral (crystals + gems), Plant (herbs) and Animal (Hue-man: light + colour), which means your being receives the ultimate healing on all levels.

Expect to leave this meditation feeling relaxed, peaceful and clear about your Self.

When: TBC 
Exchange: $20 Early Bird / $30 there after
To Book: Please complete the booking form below or contact Erin on 0406 980 883

These gatherings are super friendly and connected. No Meditation experience required. Arrive with an open mind and you’ll receive lots of good vibes and peaceful moments.

Check out a snippet of our gathering in April in Melbourne and don’t forget to register your place using the form below…