Colour + Meditation Course

Starting 9th May 2018 / Brunswick Heads /

This 8 week Colour + Meditation Course will nurture your desire for growth, whilst building your knowledge around Colour + Meditation. You can experience more presence, calm and MORE aliveness in your every day.

Each week will focus on a different colour that relates to the one of the 7 chakras. There will be discussion points on your relationship with things like:

Financial security, belonging, fear, pleasure, feeling stuck or uninspired, anxiety, feeling fierce, building armour around the heart, loving unconditionally, clear communication or why your words feel stuck, how you experience or believe in the ‘invisible’ and your connect to the Divine/ God/ Spirit/ Universe/ Ultimate Power.

**You will experience an improvement in your energy levels and build a tangible awareness of your subtle energy field when you use the healing Aura-Soma® tools.
**You get to take an Aura-Soma® Pomander vial home every week for your own practice to cleanse and protect your energy field/aura and to support your emotional health.
**You will set powerful intentions for healing your past and use methods to clear the attachments to the above subjects.
**There will be a practice for the week ahead: using your Aura-Soma® Pomander vial and a daily three star connection ritual.

This Colour + Meditation course runs for 8 weeks to establish a long lasting effect in building new healthy habits. 

Starting Wednesday 9th May 2018  and every Wednesday until 27th June 2018
Please email me to express your interest or book using the form below.

What’s included:
>Weekly guidance and contact with me: Reiki attuned, Level 3 Advanced Aura-Soma® Practitioner and 500hr Yoga + Meditation Teacher
>1.5-2hr class each week x8
>Colour + Meditation Booklet
>Aura-Soma® Pomander vial each week x8 (worth $92)
>Materials we use in class
>Light refreshments

Your Investment:
>$550 early bird (book before 11th April 2018)/ $600 there after
>Weekly commitment + attendance (if you do happen to miss a week you will receive a recording of the session)

Pura Vida Wellness Centre, 14 Park St, Brunswick Heads

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me on 0406 980 883 or email me

What others say:

“Before the course I was searching for connection, answers and was generally a bit lost. I loved every minute of the 8 weeks, Erin is an incredible facilitator. She is able to create a safe and supportive space which allowed for  6 different journeys and experiences to be had together at the same time – some nights it was hard to leave as we all came to enjoy being there so much. There was laughter, tears and moments of amazing revelations. I have left the course feeling loved, inspired, energised and completely supported by the universe.” – Stacey

“After completing the course a second time, I was amazed how the same content spoke to me in such different ways. It just shows that whatever you are going through in your life, this course helps shed light, gain new and fresh perspectives and generally helps you understand and accept where you are at. Oh, and of course, I was reminded that there is magic everywhere around me.” – Fleur (2nd time attending the course)

“I found the course helped me to create a space within myself, to find calm and strength when dealing with stressful situations in life. The use of colour has helped me to focus and develop my ability to meditate, something I struggled with before the course!” – Robyn

“This course is so much more than simply meditation. It offers you a window to understand yourself in new and exciting ways. The process feels spontaneous and fluid and creative. Each week felt like unwrapping a present made just for me.” -Fleur (1st time attending the course)

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