Yoga and Meditation


Wednesdays 6.00-7.15pm Yin Yoga @AjnaTemple Ocean Shores (starts 3rd Jan)
Fridays 5.00-6.15pm Flow @BendeByron Habitat Byron Bay
Saturdays 7.00-8.15am Vinyasa Flow @AjnaTemple Ocean Shores (starts 6th Jan)


You might be looking for your Yoga/ Meditation/ Mindfulness fix while holidaying in Byron Bay or looking to develop a consistent private practice. These private sessions are programmed to be unique to your needs and so I may call on different tools, like movement, sound and/or colour.

I’m available anytime, anywhere to support you in disentangling your bodies earthly ailments. By using movement and mindfulness techniques you will find freedom in expressing your unique personality/ essence. Learn to Love your body and teach your mind a new way of vibrating. There’s an opportunity to feel a sense of peace, grounding and new energy in each private session with me.

You can have a session with me one-to-one or invite friends for a group session.

Private Yoga/ Meditation/ Mindfulness can help rehabilitate the body after being inactive for a while or these sessions can be time for your Self connection.

Organise a Private Yoga/ Meditation session, Corporate Yoga/ Meditation, or even a ‘Girls weekend’ session. Please contact me below to find out more

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