Events + Retreats

Explore the real you and reveal a glorious state of be-ing.

Each event and retreat is designed for you to relax into your essence, to feel connected to yourself and others, and develop your present awareness. With a lot of magic in between!

Expression Sessions

A free spirited workshop, just at the right time, for you to release the emotional baggage you may be holding on to. What is it you’re not saying? How is it you really want to move your body? You are encouraged to listen to your bodies wisdom. Moving uniquely in a space that is truely held … Continue reading Expression Sessions

Colour + Meditation Course

This 8 week Colour + Meditation Course will nurture your desire for growth, whilst building your knowledge around Colour + Meditation. You can experience more presence, calm and MORE aliveness in your every day. Each week will focus on a different colour that relates to the one of the 7 chakras. There will be discussion points on your … Continue reading Colour + Meditation Course

Colour For Kids Incursion

The colour for kids incursion is a unique and engaging program that promotes mental and energetic wellbeing. Children are given the opportunity to understand the connection that colour has upon emotions and feelings and they are introduced to creative ways to express themselves. Each session is suited for primary school students. The Colour For Kids program: We introduce the children to … Continue reading Colour For Kids Incursion

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