About Erin

I firmly believe that everyone can access Yoga and Meditation. I have taught this ancient modality in top Yoga studio’s in Melbourne and Byron Bay, in the local gym, in corporate offices and even in luscious retreat destinations around Australia. I’ve solely taught and seen thousands of body’s access the benefits of Yoga since 2014; from those completely new to Yoga, those who are managing chronic injury, women who are growing a child, and those who are mentally challenged by the practice.

I have trained with the Aura-Soma® Academy since 2010, which has expanded my consciousness, my understanding of the subtle body and the way in which energy works within our being. I’ve studied Reiki and found Meditation in my early 20’s which has given me the ability to feel more connected to myself and realise I have the power to create my own reality.

I trained and studied Vinyasa Yoga over 12 months at one of the most reputable, long standing Yoga schools in Melbourne, The Moksha Academy of Yoga. I was under the mentorship of founder and principle teacher, Emma Palmer, and was given a thorough and strong foundation of professionalism and tradition.

I offer students a grounded, light hearted, safe and calming experience, that comes with years of getting to know how to successfully meet the needs of large (30+) to intimate groups of people. I believe it is important to read what each individual needs and be able to offer a class that speaks to everyone. Especially when many people these days feel they are money or time poor and need to get so much out of a class.

Through the years of getting to know my style and people’s bodies, I have developed courses, facilitated workshops and hosted retreats around Australia as well as coached hundreds of humans using colour therapy and guided colour meditation circles using Aura-Soma®. I bring you over 2000 hours of teaching plus more in coaching. I come with an array of knowledge and experience in the energetic system, including the Chakras, after years studying with the Aura-Soma® Academy.

In my time as a teacher, I have supported and worked with students recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, those effected by stroke, athletes looking to prevent injury, students managing aggressive arthritis, those challenged by anxiety, and have supported Meditation groups and those new to Yoga.

“Thank you again for that glorious (yoga) class … I loved everything about it – sequence, pace, challenge, your soothing voice and beautiful energy. I have felt both grounded and light all day.” – Roz Hammond, Actress and Comedian

My intention is to build a supportive relationship with you and teach you tools that empower you and allow you to courageously trust your instincts.

My personal use with Aura-Soma® and Yoga & Meditation has allowed me to find space in the moment to respond, rather than to react (no more road rage, to say the least!). Aura-Soma® and Yoga have increased my resilience to the discomfort in challenging circumstances and I have developed my sense of awareness to life and those around me. My self-enquiry practice helps me move through challenges with more grace and to live every day with deep trust in myself.

It is the clients I meet with and students I see on the Yoga mat that inspire me every day. It gives me motivation to continue on this path of self acceptance and growth. And it is my hope, through my own personal dedication, that I also inspire others.


  • Dr Scott Lyons | Somatic Stress Release: 30hr
  • Michaela Boehm | Embodied Ecstasy, Erotic Mystery: A 5-Day Immersion
  • Dancing Eros |  8 week Conscious Erotic Dance Course
  • Hugh Lee | Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50hr
  • Orgasmic Hearts | Feminine Power Series: Sacred Sexuality 20hr
  • Simon Borg-Olivier | Spinal breathing: Circulating Prana in Movement 3hr
  • Moksha Academy of Yoga | Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 500hr
  • Reiki | Level I
  • Aura-Soma® Academy | Colour Therapy Certificate I + II + III

“Erin has a wonderful aura about her, and brings a positivity to everything she does. She is both tender and assured in all that she does, and knows when to push someone and ask those difficult questions that really enable a person to grow. I have been to a number of her yoga classes and she creates an environment in which everyone can learn, and also be challenged. She incorporates a certain lightness and fun. Taking the time to get to know the students is also important to her, she genuinely cares about her students and supports them in having a good practise, as well as constantly challenging herself as a teacher to the benefit of all concerned.”

From the beginning…
After growing up in a small town, I had an urge to travel overseas and find out what else was out there. From 2006 I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland and did a lot of travel around Europe and New York.  In the process of finding out who I was, many walls came crashing down and if I had a tarot card reading they would have presented me with the ‘Death’ card. Death of who I was. But then came the best part – re-birth. It happened in 2009 when I decided to leave Edinburgh, taking a trip to Italy where I attended a life changing 7 day retreat ‘Amar Si‘ (‘To Love Ourselves‘). I learnt how to walk with awareness, self massage, music & rhythm, Qi Gong, and met the most amazing people. They greeted me with smiles and hugs, even though they didn’t know who I was. We were about to go on a very powerful journey together.

I started to build new foundations, ones of self love and acceptance for who I was.

There was still a long road ahead.

I was guided towards the more subtle aspects of the human anatomy and over the next few years I completed qualifications in Colour Therapy and Reiki upon my return to Australia with Shirleyrose Rowe (Reiki Master Teacher and Aura-Soma Teacher & Mentor) and Vicki Engeham (Aura-Soma Teacher and Louise Hay Instructor).

I connected with the work Louise Hay does and through this, I found Abraham-Hicks and discovered the law of attraction. I felt empowered. I had a choice of where my life was heading and to improve how I was to feel.

It was in 2012 that I immersed myself into Yoga and went on to enrol myself into the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course at the Moksha Academy of Yoga in Bentleigh. My continued dedication to Aura-Soma® has also seen me complete further Aura-Soma® certificates in ‘The Three Stars’, ‘7 levels of letting go’, ‘Being the Star You Are’ with Mike Booth (Principal of The Aura-Soma Academy) and regular updates.

After completing my Yin Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, I found a new love for stillness and deep listening in my Meditation practice. I have also built a regular self care practice after completing a 5 week course with Orgasmic Hearts and an 8 week journey with Dancing Eros.

I now live in Byron Bay where I continue to explore my edges and look upon my environment with beginners eyes. This has helped me illuminate things within myself that I may not have been aware of previously, it develops the letting go process and creates many beautiful experiences in my life that I love to share in classes and retreats with you.

But enough about me! What about you!?

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