Get out of your head and into the being.

Awaken your body’s wisdom and intelligence through Meditation, Colour Therapy and Chakra Study.

In an instant, you realise what you feel and what you need, clearly communicating this with those around you. With these positive daily habits, you feel deeply connected in your relationships, more enthusiastic in your work and confident in your personal purpose.

You don’t have to do this alone, we are here to support and uplift one another. I invite you to come and see for yourself x Erin

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing space you have created over the eight week meditation.

I really feel like I have made such growth, even though I had to shift some big blocks.

This week I have felt lighter than ever and more positive then I have been in such a long time.

I have started a new morning practice and in only four days I can see such a difference in my thinking and outlook.

Thank you again.

I can’t wait to catch up in our monthly group follow up sessions.”

Amy completed the Study Program for the second time in May 2019

Amy Acciartio, Melbourne

Following 12 months recovering from intensive treatment for early breast cancer, going through one of the darkest times in her life, Suzie was looking for something to help bring the colour back into her life and start a new chapter.

She looked forward to joining the program without really knowing exactly what it would bring.  She was able to kickstart a daily practice to re-connect to herself, and reignite her creativity again.

“It’s got to be easy” she said

She had participated in different meditation groups and learnt different techniques prior to this program, but what she found she loved was that this daily practice provided the ease, simplicity and flexibility she needed.

“The program has been life changing, where nothing has changed, yet (inside), everything has changed!” – Suzie

Suzie could drop into a good space quite quickly and sustain the 10 minute ritual in her day and loves the continued monthly support she will receive now after completing the course.

She said “Using the Aura-Soma® Pomanders in the program reignited and reaffirmed how important colour is in my life, and it reignited my creative side. I love to paint and sew.”

Suzie was really surprised at how well the online side of the program worked. She felt the connection with the other women was very transferable online and loved how she could still be in her own space, it felt very comfortable.

“Erin has an amazing voice which gently guides you through each mediation and discussion. She has developed an amazing program which I am sure will continue to help and inspire women all over the world.”

You too can join the study program here!

Watch Suzie’s message below.

May 2019

Suzie McMillan