Welcome to the home of relaxation and rejuvenation.

I’m Erin and I help women recover from stress and exhaustion and teach them practical tools to minimize tension, so that they live with a relaxed body and mind, so that they no longer feel fatigued and so they sustain emotional balance.

Yes, it might seem like a pipe dream right now but I have guided and seen thousands of women, just like you, turn exhaustion into vibrancy and peace. By using natural modalities like Yoga, Meditation and Aura-Soma® colour therapy, these women are finally living the balanced lives they wanted to create for themselves, so they are free of body pain and have time to be present with their loved ones.

So, if you feel fatigued, squeezed for time and tense, and you are ready to make a change, then I invite you to join the many other women on the 8-week online journey.

Life wants you to enjoy each moment. I invite you to come and see for yourself x Erin x

“This course has transformed my life and way of being. Erin facilitates the most beautifully nurturing circle of divine beings where everyone is safe to be vulnerable and turn inwards on a deep and personal level. The guided meditations and use of Aura Soma are the most elegant rituals forever instilling a divine sense of self love and self care. I am eternally grateful to Erin for her authenticity, wisdom and open heart. She is a wonderful gem in this world! Highly recommended!”

– July 2017

Emily Orr, School Teacher, Melbourne

Before the 8 week colour and meditation course I was searching for connection, answers and was generally a bit lost. I loved every minute of the 8 weeks. Erin is an incredible facilitator. She is able to create a safe and supportive space which allowed for  6 different journeys and experiences to be had together at the same time – some nights it was hard to leave as we all came to enjoy being there so much. There was laughter, tears and moments of amazing revelations. I have left the course feeling loved, inspired, energised and completely supported by the universe.

-September 2017

Stacey Williams, Melbourne