You want to live an inspired life, one that is more creative and unique but you are not quite sure how to do it. You want to make a difference and contribute positively in the world but that will mean you need to make a change.

You’ve been hearing a quite voice say; “It’s time, let’s do this”. Well my darling, this is a sign. That time is now.

Adopt my simple, beautiful and positive daily rituals to change the direction of your life. By using Meditation, Colour Therapy and studying the Chakra system, you will be informed and know what path to take, the one that is right for your soul. Feel liberated and empowered in your life.

You don’t have to do this alone, I am here to support you on the way. I invite you to come and see for yourself x Erin

“So soothing and comforting to hear your voice again. It was absolute bliss to be guided by you. It felt so wonderful listening to you! It feels like coming back home.”

-April 2020

Lexi Oshit, Lawyer, Melbourne + Hong Kong

Before the 8 week colour and meditation course I was searching for connection, answers and was generally a bit lost. I loved every minute of the 8 weeks.

Erin is an incredible facilitator. She is able to create a safe and supportive space which allowed for  6 different journeys and experiences to be had together at the same time – some nights it was hard to leave as we all came to enjoy being there so much. There was laughter, tears and moments of amazing revelations.

I have left the course feeling loved, inspired, energised and completely supported by the universe.

-September 2017

Stacey Williams, Melbourne