You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times “You have everything you need inside of yourself.” and do you ever wonder how to get to this place? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to trust yourself and understand what you need with clarity?

I have guided thousands of people on this journey, that connects them to their wisdom. I use transformative modalities like Yoga, Meditation and the natural elements of the earth; crystals, gems, plants, herbs, colour and light.

I offer you practical, authentic and powerful tools to develop a strong sense of self, so that you feel what it’s like to have everything inside of yourself, so that you live a rewarding and exciting life.

Life wants you to enjoy each moment. I invite you to come and see for yourself x Erin x

I wanted to thank you for your part in all this. Starting from the Feb retreat, the 2 colour meditation courses and then that amazing one on one session, I feel that together, these experiences really created a space for me to tap into my inner wisdom about what makes me happy. And this is, working with populations I connect with (kids, mums and communities) to support them in developing their own insight. I have written two programs, one for mums and one for grade 6 kids, both of which I will roll out in Feb 2018.

I feel like you were a big part of this year and that, with your support, I have come so far. I have tapped into a confidence and creativity that was always inside me, but the light was dimmed by niggling anxiety and worry. Your courses also helped me cultivate a more intentional practice around awe and wonder. Again, something that was always there, but now that I understand it more I am able to seek out opportunities and be more intentional about it. I also still see colours everywhere, especially yellow, my challenge and my strength!

December 2017

Fleur, Mother + Founder of Harvesting Happiness

Before the 8 week colour and meditation course I was searching for connection, answers and was generally a bit lost. I loved every minute of the 8 weeks. Erin is an incredible facilitator. She is able to create a safe and supportive space which allowed for  6 different journeys and experiences to be had together at the same time – some nights it was hard to leave as we all came to enjoy being there so much. There was laughter, tears and moments of amazing revelations. I have left the course feeling loved, inspired, energised and completely supported by the universe.

-September 2017

Stacey, Melbourne